Add a New Product

Add a New Product

A product is a good or object that has been manufactured by an organization and passes through a distribution channel before being consumed or used.
You can build or add in the products that your organization has into the platform through the Products Module.

To add a new product, do the following:
  1. From the Left hand menu, navigate to More
  2. Click on “Products”, this will open up the manage products window,
  3. Click on “ Create New” to add a new product, this will open up the New Product window. 
  4. Under Basic Settings, you can be able to capture basic details of a product such as Name, Details, Price, Currency & Tax
  5. You can be able to capture advanced data on the Product by clicking on “Advanced Settings”. This will enable additional fields in which you can capture data which are:
    • Registration Limit: Once the limit has been set for a product and  a contact  tries to register more than the limit e.g 2 , they would be unable to register the product. They would receive the group registration invalid response message if they are registering the product via group registration or the invalid response prefix if they are registering the product via a survey.
    • Registration Labels: Here you can be able to capture the labels that will be applied to contacts once they have successfully registered a product serial
    • Serial Code: When checked, this indicates that the product has unique serial codes. 
    • Price Editable: When checked the initial price can be edited at a later stage e.g. Through the Echo Agent under Order/Sale.
    • Serial Pattern: Here you are able to capture the serial pattern for a product
    • Group Redirect: Here you able to set the group contacts will moved to once they have successfully register a product.
    • Incentive: Here you can be able to capture the Airtime Incentive amount that will go out to a contact upon successful registration of a product serial*
  6. Once you have captured the desired details of the product click on “Create Product”.

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