Analysis Tools on a Survey

Analysis Tools on a Survey

We know you value what your contacts have to say. Each piece of feedback, answer, comments, polls should be carefully explored, examined and displayed in a quick, accurate and clear way to enable you to understand your contacts.

Response Analysis

Response Analysis is a tool that offers better performance allowing you to be more efficient at analyzing your data.

Response Analysis allows you to visualize data collected in each question of your survey. This tool will automatically plot a pie chart and/or bar chart to represent the responses submitted by your target audience.

How does it work?

To access the response analysis tool, please follow the steps below:

  1. From the Left-hand menu, navigate to Folders

  2. Click on “All Folders” in the submenu, this will open up the Folder List

  3. Open the folder in which your survey is contained, click on the desired survey. This will open the Survey Editor window.

  4. Click on “Response Analysis” on the top row.

  5. Here you will be able to see a visual representation of the responses provided to each individual question.

  6. Click on "Select Date Range" and select the desired date range you would like to apply during analysis.

  7. On the top right corner of each question, click on the options icon and explore the following actions:

    1. Download an image of the chart.

    2. Change from pie chart to bar chart and vice versa.

    3. Order your responses from largest to smallest or from A to Z.

In cases, where open-ended questions have a high number of responses and all the responses made to the question are too diverse, a message will appear as 'The responses to this question are too varied to display in a chart.

Survey Performance

Survey performance analysis allows you to quickly generate summary analytics for, survey invite counts, response rates and completion rates.
  1. Go to your homepage
  2. Using the quick access button, click on “Analyze”.
  3. Select “Survey Performance”
  4. On the Selector dialog, select the survey(s) you would like to analyze. You can select surveys across different folders if you wish to compare multiple quizzes.
  5. Click on "Compare".

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