Create a Group

Create a Group

Creating contact groups is essential when you would like to communicate with a targeted set of contacts. Groups are the main categorization of contacts in Echo Mobile

To create a new group, do the following:
  1. From the Left hand menu, navigate to the Group
  2. Click on New Group
  3. In the text box specify the name of the group. This also known a  keyword.
  4. The name of the group should be between 2-10 characters.
  5. Click on “Check Availability”:
    • If you are using a shared short code, click on ‘Check Availability’ to confirm that the name is available (not in use by another organization using the Echo Platform).
    • If you using a Private short-code, you do not have to check for this.
  6. When group name or keyword is confirmed “Available” the create button will become accessible. Click on it to create your group.
  7. Once created, you will see the Group basic settings page. Here add any details you feel are relevant to define your group in the ‘Group Description’ check box.
  8. Click on "Save Group Settings" to save your settings when done.
Group name or keyword is important for self-registration of contacts or respondents. Contacts can self-register into the group by sending the group name to your short code.
For example, for a group named DEMO whose enterprise short code is 20788, can have contacts register themselves by sending in an SMS with the word DEMO to 20788.

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