How do I switch between my user accounts?

How do I switch between my user accounts?

Linked Accounts feature allows users who have access to multiple enterprise accounts to easily switch between them without having to log out. Using just a single email address which is linked to multiple enterprise accounts, a user can seamlessly navigate from one account to the other by a click of a button.

To switch between accounts, do the following:
  1. On the top navigation bar, click on your Personal Profile
  2. Select “Switch Account”.
  3. From the list of linked accounts, select the account you would want to access and click on "Login"
  4. This will automatically redirect you to the new enterprise account.
  5. To revert, you could always use the same steps listed above and navigate back to the desired account
If you do not have “Switch Account” on your personal settings tab, not to worry. Just request the account admin of your organization's account to add you into the account you wish to have access to

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