How does the Inbox Auto Reply work with messages in a Group Inbox?

How does the Inbox Auto Reply work with messages in a Group Inbox?

Inbox auto reply is a default feature that is enabled within each group inbox. A group Inbox has an auto-reply will always be sent out for any unsolicited message sent to your account. This will occur to both questions, comments and replies to surveys that have expired.

The auto-reply text can be edited in a way that minimizes or prevents users from sending unsolicited messages. You can also choose to have a survey or notice sent in reply.

You can choose to disable inbox auto reply due to concerns like campaign budget constraints. However, it is important to note that disabling group auto response creates a disconnect with your respondents. This is because whenever they send a message to your inbox, they will not receive a response and may feel that their messages never got to you.

Would you like to edit your current inbox auto reply settings? Navigate to the desired group and go to inbox settings

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