Loading a Blank Page when I open up Echo Mobile

Loading a Blank Page when I open up Echo Mobile

When you encounter a blank page or are unable access the Echo Mobile page https://www.echomobile.org, this means that the platform did not load properly or there could have been an interruption with the internet connection.

Find below some tips that you can use to troubleshoot your browser
  1. Check your internet connectivity settings 
  2. Restart Chrome: Sometimes, Chrome might be trying to do too much, causing web pages to load slowly.
  3. Try opening the page in another browser. For example, try using Firefox.
  4. If the page successfully loads in another browser:
  • Try closing Chrome tabs. Close every tab except for the one that you're trying to load, then try reloading that tab.
  • Clear your browsing history(cache and cookies) in the last hour/day.
If you are still experiencing problems with accessing the platform or the Echo Mobile page doesn't load after going through the tips above ,  please feel free to contact us by sending an email to support@echomobile.org so that we may assist you with accessing the platform

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