Maps in Groups

Maps in Groups

Maps in Groups allows you to view the geographical locations of contacts in a group. To view Radar, do the following:
  1. From the Left hand menu, navigate to Groups
  2. Click on the desired group in the sub menu
  3. Click on Maps tab
  4. Here you are provided with a map with pins of contacts’ Geo- location. 
  5. You can search by a custom field or group contacts within a location type (Cities, Towns and Counties)
  6. You can also search by name, registration date, label e.t.c

  •  A contact’s Geo-location can only be picked in the Echo Platform if they willingly provide this information in form of a Geo- location Survey Type Response or their Location is provided as part of the Contacts’ Information. The Echo Mobile Platform does not pick a contact’s geographical location.
  • Therefore depending on the Geo location/position you wish to capture from your contacts, you would need to provide Echo Mobile with a list of the exact longitudes and latitudes of the positions so that they are pre-loaded into the platform for you.
  • You can capture your contacts' locations and populate custom fields with their responses. These custom fields will be tied to the contacts' profile

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