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            Opt-out respondents: Who are they & Tips on How to Retain Them

            Opt-out respondents are those who have unsubscribed from your service by sending the word STOP to your shortcode.
             According to the guidelines of Communications Authority of Kenya (Formerly known as CCK), once a respondent sends in the STOP keyword, they should be automatically unsubscribed from your service.

            This means that you will not be able to communicate with this phone number in the future communications. To see who has opted-out in from your service each of your groups:
            1. Go to Groups, click on “Contacts”
            2. Click on the additional menu on your top right of the screen, 
            3. Click on “Show Opted Out Respondents”
            4. You will then see a list of the respondents who have opted out of your service. 
            5. Upon clicking on a contact’s profile,  If you have a respondent that you would like to be added back to your list of active users, you will have to request for an opt-in from Echo Mobile.
            Echo Mobile also informs you of the number of people who have opted out of your service on a daily basis through the Email Digests. 

            Tips to Minimize the number of Opt-outs from Your Services:
            1. Target your mobile campaigns. Leverage Echo Mobile’s segmentation features to better communicate with a specified group of respondents.
            2. When you run a mobile campaign make sure you only reach out to respondents who will most likely want to know more about your product or service.
            3. Provide useful content to the people who you are communicating with. If they see the value of the information you are providing them, they will not unsubscribe.
            4. Have a consistent and well-planned communication strategy
            5. Build a relationship with your clients. Many times, it takes the question of “Are they listening to me” to get a respondent to opt-out if the answer to the question is “No”. Be responsive when respondents reach out to you and they will return the

            Let us know other tips you have that could possibly reduce the number of opt-outs you have. 

            Updated: 03 Dec 2017 04:32 PM
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