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            What is the difference between a SMS Shared Short-Code vs SMS Private Short-Code?

            20788(Kenya) and 6116(Uganda) are our toll-free shared short-codes. These are common short codes shared among many of our clients. These short codes are used by several organizations, each with up to five keywords that they can use to associate their organization with their clients.

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            The benefit is it is the least expensive option. The downside is that if you are trying to communicate with an individual who has already been registered into the system with another one of our clients, it will not be possible to communicate with that person

            Organizations may license their own short code (private short code) to avoid such conflict. A private short code that is licensed JUST for your company. It ensures that you will have a unique 5-digit short code to communicate with your beneficiaries/clients.

            SMS Short-codes service setups are country specific. Therefore for more information on SMS short-codes, pricing and set up options in your country, please feel free to drop us an email 

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