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            Customize and Design Email Alerts

            Here, at Echo Mobile, we are always working to make sure you get the best features for your mobile communications. We have recently added new functionality to  Email Alerts within a survey or quiz.

            The "add email alert" call-to-action option that you can setup under response handling(advanced logic) for a question. The call to action is triggered once a condition set up in Advanced Logic is met or when contact responds to the question in particular.
            Example: If the respondents are scored based on their responses from a survey/quiz and these scores are stored in a custom field SCORE, you can set an email alert to go out when the SCORE > 50. This email alert would contain the responses the contact would have made as they were responding to the question

            You can now customize your email template with contacts' fields(standard and custom fields), survey questions and finally have a sneak peek of the email by clicking on the Preview Template Button. This feature is currently available within our new survey editor which is in beta.

            To make use of this feature, do follow the steps below:
            1. Switch to the new survey editor, click on the Try It icon shown just below the survey name while in the EDIT tab
            2. Add in your question that will include the Email Template by clicking on the + icon and include your question text as usual.
            3. Navigate to the advanced options of the survey question by clicking on the Edit icon to the left of the question text
            4. Select the Logic Menu and click on ADD SCENARIO
            5. In the illustration shown below, selected('1') is the syntax used to capture if the first choice is selected in the multiple-choice question. You can then  proceed to add in the email address of the individual you would like to be notified and lastly build your email template.
            6. Once you have customized the email template as desired, click on "done editing" and this will save the changes made.
            7. Each time a contact responds to this question and meets the condition defined and email alert will go out to the email address specified and email follow the template that was designed.
            8. It is key to note that this feature is in beta-testing of the new survey editor. Remember to switch back to old survey editor, to do so within the new survey editor window; click on "show advanced settings", then click on "Revert to the Old Survey Designer"

            Let us know what you think about this feature and some of the many ways you plan to use it.

            In case of any queries, reach out to us through the support chat box or send us an email at and we will promptly give you a response!

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