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            Getting Started with Echo Mobile

            We are here to help and going forward you will find helpful articles that get you acquainted with how the platform works, demonstrates what it can do, and accelerates your ability to create, design communications and engage with your contacts.

            The Echo platform is a cloud-based software system that enables organizations to engage their most important stakeholders through scalable SMS, USSD, and voice communication.  The platform’s web interface generates actionable data and analytics from this engagement, empowering essential insights and decisions to help organizations succeed.

            Before You Begin

            Below are some highlights of the Echo Mobile Platform:
            • The Echo Platform is a cloud-based communications and information management platform.
            • It allows organizations to create automated conversations and deploy them at scale through SMS, Voice and USSD
            • Echo Mobile also has a sales tracking and data collection app, Echo Agent, which syncs directly to the platform.
            • To access the platform, you will require a desktop or laptop computer, an internet connection, and an active account with Echo.
            • Data is stored on Google’s highly secure cloud-based servers.
            • Echo Mobile does not access your account without explicit authorizations from users. Each user’s account is password protected and you exclusively own all your data.


            Here is the list of topics that we will cover in a series of 6 articles:

            1. Getting Started with Mobile Communication Channels
            2. Getting Started with Groups and Contacts
            3. Getting Started with Communications
            4. Getting Started with Sending out Communication
            5. Getting Started with Analysis
            6. Getting Started Exporting out Communications

            Ready? Let’s get started!

            Let’s start off with leaning more about the mobile communication channels that you can use as tools for your engagements and conversation.

            Have another question? Send us an email at or for a quick connection to us, click on the support chat box if you are logged into your account!

            Updated: 19 Dec 2018 08:31 PM
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