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            Group Product Serial Registration

            Group Product registration comes in handy when an organization are looking to register a product via SMS and their Short Code as opposed to relying on instructions on the product.
            Example: An organization advertises registration of product warranty by requiring the customer to text the keyword and the serial number of the product. The next steps are that the contacts is registered into a group and the  product serial is registered
            This can be set up to the platform by simply allowing self registration into a group when the contacts sends in the Group name (Keyword) and the Product Serial Code of the product they purchased.

            How does this work for the contact?

            In this scenario for a contact to register a product, the contact would text in the Keyword & the Product Serial code to your short code.
            For example, Text “ ECHO TEST123 " to 20788. ECHO is the keyword & TEST123 is the product serial code
            The contact would be registered into the group indicated by the keyword. The product serial will be validated by the Registration & Response group settings. Once the product serial code is registered to the contact.

            How can you set this up on your groups?

            The Registration & Response group settings that you should enable in the group are:
            • Validate against Product Serial Numbers
            • Require Unique ID/Serial

            Group Product Registration

            Updated: 19 May 2019 09:10 PM
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