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            How do I Expire an Active Survey for all Contacts in a Group?

            Once contacts are invited to a survey, they would receive an invite to the said survey that would allow them to respond to the questions of the survey within the time frame given(invite expiration). However, you may want to expire the invite before the invite expiration, with Full Group Invite Expiration, you can select all the contacts in a group and expire the invites at once

            To perform this action, kindly follow the steps below:
            1. On the desired group, under Contacts; Click on the Check Box Icon on your top left.
            2. Once clicked, a dialogue will appear with instructions if you want to perform this action on all contacts in the group.
            3. Click on the "Expire" Invite Icon.
            4. This action will expire the current invites to all the contacts in the group.
            Want to set a shorter invite expiration period for a survey? Navigate to a survey and adjust the number of invite hours to suit the time frame

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