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            How do I use Triggers in a Group to get Email Alerts?

            You could set up a triggers in which you could receive email alerts. You could also set up the triggers that pass the support cases to the group inbox so that you can handle the support conversations from there as well. Triggers are a feature allows you to set up keywords within a group, that trigger sending of surveys, notices, emailing a team member, applying a label, setting a respondent field etc.

            An example setup for triggers & email alerts, if your contacts send SUPPORT or HELP to your short code, they can get a survey or notice that you have chosen. You may also add a label that is applied to all respondents who use the trigger and send an email alert to a team member

            To set up a trigger with an email alert follow the steps below:
            • Go triggers under your desired group settings
            • Click on "ADD TRIGGER"
            • Capture the Trigger Keyword e.g HELP or SUPPORT or PLEASE for example HELP. You can set up multiple keywords on one trigger as well
            • Select your desired trigger type:
            • Select the type as "Pass to Inbox" to you can view the messages in the Group Inbox where you or a team member can respond to contacts.
            • Select the type as “ Survey or Notice” to send out a communication to the contact
            • Select the type as “ Collector” to perform a calculation based on the response
            • Select the type as “ Silent” to perform no action with the triggers
            • Select Matching as “First Word” or “ Anywhere”. You can set it up to match the keyword to the first word or to match anywhere in the message that your contacts would send to your short-code. In the illustration below, the type has been set as “ Pass to Inbox” and the matching has been set up as "First Word"
            • Under Advanced options, you could setup a label, to apply to the contacts who text in the keywords. You can also setup an email address that will send an alert to the email
            • Once you have set up the trigger, click on the "Unsaved, Save Now" buttons to save trigger.
            For example, once the contacts for example texts "Help My device is broken", Help would be picked up as the trigger and the team member (if their email was set up in the trigger settings) would receive an email alert and the message would be passed to the group inbox of the group

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