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            How Many Contact Groups can I have?

            When creating contact groups on the platform, there are group limits based on the short-code that is mapped to your account. Accounts on the shared short-code can create 5 groups names/keywords whilst for accounts on the private short-codes can create up to 10 groups names/keywords

            There is a group limit of 5 on the shared short-code is to control the naming of groups for other organizations using the shared short-code whereas for private short-code there is a limit to 10 groups to discourage misuse of groups.

            We highly recommend that your contact group segmentation is centered around the type of contacts you interact with e.g CUSTOMERS and AGENTS. Based on this, you can furtherr segment your contact groups with custom fields e.g AGE, GENDER, YOB or labels e.g active, inactive, newly active

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