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            Introducing Roles and Permissions

            Here, at Echo Mobile, we are always working to make sure you get the best features for your mobile communications. We love when our customers are successful and it starts with the services and product that we offer.

            We have noted that over the years that our user's needs have increased and the Echo Mobile team has been working these needs are met an incorporated back into the products.

            The Problem

            One of the growing needs that has come up in recent months is how super users of an organizations to manage and assign various tasks or access to the users in their account based on their role in the contact engagement process.
            • Super users want  to restrict or permit access to specific communications( surveys,quizzes or notice
            • Super user want to restrict or permit who can send out communications (surveys,quizzes or notices) and to which groups
            • Super user want to clearly define a user’s function with their organization’s account and who can make changes or edits to certain setups
            • There are five types of user levels that a Super User could set for a user in their account which are Account Admin, Regular, Limited, Modules Only and Echo Agent but these user levels did not clearly define what each user has access to or not

            The Solution

            This new feature gives users role-based access control to the Echo Mobile Platform. This gives the  ability to control how and what people can access on the platform.

            Key Functionality

            • This will primarily be managed by the Account Admin of a particular organisation who will define roles and assign them to different users .
            • It is within these roles that permissions are defined for the users of the platform per object-basis. Objects in this case refers to key components that users interact with on the Echo Mobile platform. They are: Contact Groups, Projects,  Products, and Coupons.
            • If you have users that perform more one functions or roles with regards to your communication & engagement process, you can assign more than one role to a user.
            • When a person has more than 1 roles, their permissions are an aggregation of the permissions from all roles, so one role could allow them to manage groups, another one would enable them to manage coupons e.t.c
            • Only Account Admins will by default have the permission to read, edit, create, amend and delete all objects.
            • Only Regular users can have user  role assigned to them.
            • Echo Agent User only have access to the Echo Agent App therefore will not have any permissions to the web platform
            • Modules Only users only have access to specific modules and will not have any permissions to the core platform.
            Interested? Get started & learn how to manage user roles by clicking on this link

            Only Account Admins have the rights to manage and provide access to users by creating user accounts as well applying permissions.

            Let us know what you think about this feature and some of the many ways you plan to use it! In case of any queries, reach out to us through the support chat box or send us an email at and we will promptly give you a response!
            Updated: 21 Aug 2017 07:53 PM
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