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            Kopo Kopo Integration

            Echo Mobile currently supports integration with Lipa na Mpesa( Buy goods for Customer to Business (C2B) payments) with Kopo Kopo. Through this integration, engagements, conversations and contact actions can be triggered based on payments made to your MPESA till number or business number.
            Who is Kopo Kopo? Learn who Kopo Kopo are and their services.

            Share Till Number or Buy Goods Number

            To be able to get started with Kopo Kopo integration, do the following:
            1. Send an email to Echo Mobile Support indicating that you would like to kick off the integration process
            2. If you have an existing account with Kopo Kopo and a till number setup, share the MPESA till number or Buy goods number with us.
            3. If you do not have an Account with Kopo Kopo, first you would open an account with Kopo Kopo to get a till number. Once you have set up your account, share the MPESA till number or Buy goods number with us.
            If you have any question with regards to your Kopo Kopo account, we highly recommend reaching out to Kopo Kopo for further support on this.

            Configure Kopo Kopo API settings

            The Echo Mobile Support team shall be in touch with you during the integration process and will provide with a URL to insert into your Kopo Kopo account. The Notification URL should be inserted on the API settings page on Kopo Kopo. This page can be accessed as follows:
            1. Login to your Kopo Kopo account.
            2. Go to Menu and click on API settings on the Menu drop-down
            3. On the API settings page, click on the Edit button under HTTP(S) POST Configuration
            4. Select v2 on the API version dropdown
            5. Input the Notification URL, Basic Auth username and Basic Auth password. (This is optional thus can be left blank)

            If you have any question with regards to Kopo Kopo Integration, feel free to reach out to 

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