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            Net Promoter Score Analysis

            Here, at Echo Mobile, we are always working to make sure you get the best features for your mobile communications. To work with our recently launched Net Promoter Score surveys, we have now added a new feature known as Net Promoter Score Analysis Tool as part of Echo's analysis suite.

            What Does It Do?

            Once the survey with the NPS survey is sent out to your contacts and respond with their ratings, the Net Promoter Score (NPS) is calculated by subtracting the percentage of contacts who are detractors (who responded with a detractor value) from the percentage who are promoters ( who responded with a promoter value.

            The value that is a score between -100 and 100 called the Net Promoter Score. This score allows an organization to:
            1. Compare of different Net Promoter Score surveys that have been deployed on the platform
            2. Analyze Net Promoter Score surveys over a chosen period of date and time
            3. Analyze Net Promoter Score in terms of the detractors, the passives and the promoters

            Before You Begin….

            Have you launched your first NPS Survey? You now have the ability to launch NPS Surveys directly from the Echo Platform to your contacts. You can easily do this by adding an NPS question into your survey. Read our Add Questions to a Survey article to learn how to do so

            How Does It Work?

            1. While logged in to Echo Mobile, click on the left pane menu.
            2. Under Analysis, select Net Promoter Score.
            3. On the Survey selector dialog, select the survey(s) you would like to analyze. You can select surveys across different projects folders if you wish to compare multiple surveys.*Only surveys with a NPS question will appear in this list
            4. Click on "Select Date Range" and select the desired date range you would like to apply during analysis.

            Let us know what you think about this feature and some of the many ways you plan to use it. In case of any queries, reach out to us through the support chat box or send us an email at and we will promptly give you a response!

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