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            New Echo Platform Homepage

            As from 2nd January 2019 when you log into your Echo platform account, you’ll find a totally revamped interface!

            This upgrade brings a more modern look and intuitive experience — allowing you to easily access, discover, and navigate features for better results. In January and February, you can continue using the old interface or switch to the new design for a better experience.

            This is NOT a fundamental change to what the Echo platform does. Nor is it a change to the platform’s features, which remain the same. BUT, as of March 4, 2019, the old Echo platform interface will be removed and all Echo platform users will be switched to the new look.

            What do the changes mean for you?

            This new look simply gives Echo platform users a cleaner, more intuitive experience that provides instant and continuous access to multiple powerful features. Surveys, contacts, fields, and analytics will be easier to discover and use, ensuring that organizations get maximum value from the Echo platform.

            The Echo platform’s new look streamlines how you access Echo’s most important and powerful features:

            1. There is a new home page after you log in to the Echo platform or click on the platform’s Echo Mobile logo or “Home” button.
            2. There is a new ever-present left-hand menu. Wherever you are on the platform, you can now get where you need to be next with a single click!
            3. There is a cleaner, more modern look that reflects our rebrand.

            Our New Home Page

            Our New Quick Access Buttons

            The quick access buttons on the home page take you to the platform’s most important features:

            Each button brings up similarly simple and visual dialog boxes that explain what features are available.

            Create Button

            The create button allows you to create key objects that you can use to engage with your contacts. Here you can quickly create a Group, Contact, Project, Survey and a Notice.
            Want more details on how to use the Create button? Click here to read our detailed article on Quick access buttons.

            Send Button

            The send button allows you to send communications instantly (Send Now) or schedule them to go out later (Send Later).
            Want more details on how to use the Send button? Click here to read our detailed article on the Send button.

            Analyze Button

            The analyze button links you to the platform’s suite of analytical tools that can help you understand data you gather on the platform. Use this button to generate dynamic and in-platform visualizations of communications such as Survey Performance,  NPS and Dashboards.
            Want more details on how to use the Analyze button? Click here to read our detailed article on the Analyze button.

            Export Button

            As you engage and communicate with your target contacts via your preferred communication channel, you will start building  various data sets on your contacts: who they are, what they think and if they have any sentiments to share with you
            Through the Export button you can:
            1. Export out Contacts and related information
            2. Export out Survey Results
            3. Export out Notice Send reports
            4. Export Inbox Messages
            Want more detail on how to use the Export button? Click here to read our detailed article on the Export button.

            Today’s Activity Summary

            We’ve made the activity summary simple and straightforward by  displaying the figures in real-time as stats boxes!

            The statistics display here are not new.  The categories listed are the same as those for the Activity Summary chart.

            Want to still view your organization’s activity summary chart? Click here to see a detailed article on this

            Pin an Existing Dashboard to the Homepage

            Once the switch is done, changes made will be automatically saved to your profile meaning you and your colleagues can have different dashboards pin on their homepage through the same account.

            Want to pin your existing dashboard to the homepage? Click here to see a detailed article on how to do so?

            We’re extremely excited to see these changes go live in January along with some BIG changes! Read our blog to get updated!
            Do you have any questions or inquiries? Feel free to get in touch with Echo Mobile's Support team by dropping an email to or start a chat with us using the chat icon

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