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            One Email Address, Multiple Accounts (Linked Accounts)

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            We are glad to notify you that we have now made it possible to use one email address to log into multiple account.
            Previously, enterprises with multiple accounts on Echo Mobile had to create user accounts with unique email addresses for individuals who had to access both enterprise accounts. This was quite cumbersome as a user had to keep in mind several email addresses and had to log in and out to navigate between the different accounts.

            What is Linked Accounts?

            Linked Accounts feature allows users who have access to multiple enterprise accounts can easily switch between enterprise accounts without having to log out. Using just a single email address which is linked to multiple enterprise accounts, a user can seamlessly navigate from one account to the other by a click of a button.

            This feature is perfect for organizations who have a footprint in different countries, have set up communication in their different accounts and would like users in different countries to collaborate.

            How does this feature work?

            How does it work if I am a user (Regular, Limited, Modules Only or Account Admins Users)?

            As a user to access these accounts, follow the steps below:
            1. Go to the Personal Settings tab and select “Switch Account”.
            2. From the list of Linked accounts, select the account you would want to access and click on "Login"
            3. This will automatically redirect you to the new enterprise account. To revert, you could always use the procedure above.
            If you do not have “Switch Account” on your personal settings tab, not to worry. Just request the account admin of your organization's account to add you into the account you wish to have access to

            How do I set this up for normal users if I am the account admin?

            Account Admins of organization’s account have the access rights to manage the users that have access to accounts. The Account admin will first have to create the user account with email address in the said organization's.

            For Account Admin’s to create multiple accounts for one address, do the following:
            1. Navigate or log into to the account that you wish to a user access or add in.
            2. Click on the Organization Tab, then click on Manage Users
            3. Scroll to the bottom of the Manage Users Page, here you will find a “Add” 

            4. Click on the “Add” Icon and Add User Page will be activated
            5. Here you can you can be able to manually add a new user by capturing their email addresses and user level and send out the login credentials.
            6. The user will now be added into the organization's account and will be able to switch between accounts
            Let us know what you think about this feature and some of the many ways you plan to use it. In case of any queries, reach out to us through the support chat box or send us an email at and we will promptly give you a response!

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