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            My contacts are getting a pop-up warning about charges when interacting with an SMS short code, what can I do?

            As you begin engaging with your target audience or contacts utilizing SMS short-codes, at one point in time the contacts may receive a pop up warning them about possible charges that they may incur.

            This pop up message is a phone manufacturer's settings and is meant to warn the mobile phone owner that they are interacting with a premium service, that is, short code and this may result in a cost.

            What can I do about it?

            Ask Your Contacts to Allow Messaging with your SMS Short-code Service

            As this is a phone manufacturer's setting, we have no control over that message as it comes up from the phone device itself. You could prompt your contacts to select "remember my choice" and proceed to send the message. This means that any time the contact receives a message from a short-code and attempts to reply, the phone recognizes that the contact had opted to send the message the last time and the alert will not pop up

            Reassure Your Contacts on the Charges They Should Expect

            1. If you are working with a Toll free SMS Short-code,  you reiterate to your customers in the first messages that goes out to them that all messaging is free.
            2. If you are working with an SMS Short-code services that charges your contacts when they engage with your organization, clearly communicate this as well. This can be done through the first messages that goes out to them.
            3. If you have in person enrollment process for your SMS engagements, this reassurance of SMS charges can be more in-person or have a personal touch from employees within your organization or by members of your team.
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