Data Collection via Surveys on Echo Agent App

Data Collection via Surveys on Echo Agent App

By filling out surveys in the Echo Agent App, you are able to collect data by filling out respondent data . 

Accessing Echo Agent Surveys

To carry out data collection via a survey,  you will need to fill out a survey in the Echo Agent App and upload it into the system. To fill out a survey via Echo Agent, do the following
  1. Turn on Android device (tablet or phone)
  2. Open Echo Agent once it is installed on device
  3. Sign in using the user name and password you use for the web based platform. If you do not have a user name and password please request one from .  Let them know you what organization you are from.  
  4. Click on Survey. This will prompt a list of surveys
  5. Click the survey button and a prompt message will appear that says “No local surveys, please download surveys from your Echo Account”.  Then click “List surveys”. 
  6. Once you choose the survey you can then click “Download selected survey”
To download a survey you need to be connected to WiFi or data.  Once the survey is downloaded you no longer needed to be connected and you can fill out new cases of the survey with no connectivity. 
  • Field Team Management
    • As you manage your surveys (creating, updating or deleting surveys) for the field team to use while on the ground, we highly recommend that your process caters for the field team to sync or download the new surveys made available.
    • This will ensure that the surveys that you currently have on the platform are what the agents are viewing on the Echo agent app on their devices so that no errors are encountered upon syncing data collected from respondents.
    • We recommend naming them differently, maybe assigning them incremental values to show the number of edits/ changes made.
    • Once you pass across this information to them, the field team will be more inclined to find the new survey thus downloading it and not working with the old version.
    • Download New Surveys
      • To download a survey that is not in your Echo Agent tool, go to the cloud icon that is either in the top right hand corner or the menu button on your phone and click “Download surveys”.  This will show you all surveys in your account.
      • If you have already downloaded a survey on your device and need to download another new survey, go to the phone/tablet “menu button” (this is often the bottom left hand button on your device). This will prompt a menu to choose another survey to download.

Filling out Echo Agent Surveys

Now that the survey is downloaded,  you can click the survey name you wish to use to collect the desired data

To do so, do the following:
  1. Select the desired survey. It will ask you if it is a new or incomplete survey...for a new one click “new”.
  2. Go through the survey questions either filling in information or choosing an answer from a list by using the next icon to go to the next question.
  3. Once you answer the last question on the top bar, click “Mark as complete”
  4. You can also choose to save. This saves an incomplete survey’s responses or use the Go to option allows you to skip to a question
  5. On the top bar menu, click on "Select Respondent"   as this is mandatory as responses are linked to a phone number.
If you are unable to mark as complete this is because you have left some of the questions unanswered. On a phone you must scroll back to this question, answer it, then return to the end and again attempt to mark as complete.

Submitting Complete Surveys to the Echo Platform

Once the data has been collected offline is ready to be  submitted/synced, the respondent can connect to their device to Wi-Fi/packet data and sync it. You can then view these responses on the Echo platform

To do so, do the following:
  1. On home page you will now see a yellow circle with arrows in the top blue bar to the left of a tool icon 
  2. Click this circle and it will take you to a screen that says “Queue Surveys”
  3. Long press to select the survey you would like to sync
  4. Click on the ellipsis icon to access the sync option and select sync
  5. A tick appears on the green icon once the sync is complete
  6. When you now go back to the home screen you will no longer see the sync icon as yellow, this indicates you have synced all the locally saved surveys up to the server.  
  7. To Archive Synced media, click on the ellipsis icon  and click “Archived Synced”.  This will not remove the data from your phone/tablet, but it will hide it.  If you would alternatively like to clear the data from your phone/tablet.  To do this go to Settings, then click on “Clear Data”.  This will completely erase all local data saved on your device.

To be able to submit completed surveys, one needs to be connected to the internet for this process

Sync Errors:
If there is an error in syncing the status of the case will read “Status: Sync Error”. You can click the “i” button in the top panel of the screen to see what the error was. It is most likely a problem of not having internet connection.  Once you go back to internet connection you can click the circle made of arrows in the top right hand corner.

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