How do I enable Daily Email Digests?

How do I enable Daily Email Digests?

Daily Email Digest will enable you to receive updates about your organization’s platform usage and activity to your email address. This email gives you a breakdown showing billable communication counts.
 Counts vary by communication channel eg SMS sent, Voice seconds, USSD sessions or Field uploads. The Mobile Network Operators in your country of operations consider messages sent via SMS that are longer than 160 characters to be multiple billable SMS. If you would like to get a detailed break down of your billable usage, visit your organizations billing page on your account

To Enable or Disable Daily Email Digests, do the following:
  1. On the top navigation bar, click on your Personal Profile
  2. Click on Account Settings
  3. Click on Advanced Options
  4. Enable or Disable the daily email toggle.
  5. Select the desired digest options
  6. Click on Save to update the changes made

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