Payments Wallet

Payments Wallet

Payments are money that you send to a contact to reward them for taking part in the survey, for sending in a coupon code or registering a product. The Echo platform currently offers M-PESA payments on the Safaricom network in Kenya. For more details on payments, see M-PESA Payment Incentives.


Organizations using payments must hold a positive payments balance on the Echo platform. This balance is tracked in the Payments Wallet for the organization. Only organizations using payments have a Payments Wallet. If your organization wants to use payments, please contact Support at


To view Payments Wallet, do the following:
  1. On the top navigation bar, click on the button for your organization
  2. Click on the Billing tab
  3. Under Billing, click on “Payments Wallet”
  4. Here you can see:
    • The current Payment Wallet balance
    • The transactions and the date, type, amount and description of each transaction.
    • Reconciliation runs, which cross-check the transactions to make sure the balance is correct.
  5. Click on the Refresh button under Transactions and the transaction list will be populated.

 Blocked Payments when balance is zero

When the wallet balance is depleted (i.e. the balance has reduced to zero), payments will be blocked.  This means that no payment will be sent out from the account until you contact Echo Mobile to top-up your wallet. 

Unblocking Payments

Once an account is topped up by the Echo Finance team, the platform will automatically release all blocked transfers that occurred in the last 48 hours.
For payments that are older than 48 hours, kindly reach out to Support at to retry the payments
At the moment, you can’t use Billing Top-up to top-up your Payment Wallet, you have to contact Echo Mobile.

Balance notifications

To avoid zero balance in your Payments Wallet, you can set up a threshold amount and send notification email. This means that when the payment wallet balance is below the threshold amount, you will receive an email notification.
To set up warning threshold and email alerts, follow the steps below;
  1. On the top navigation bar, click on the button for your organization
  2. Click on the Billing tab
  3. Under Billing, click on “Payments Wallet”
  4. Then click on the ‘Settings’ button
  5. In the pop-up window, enter the Warning Threshold amount (in Kenyan shillings) under Warning threshold then enter the email addresses that you would like to receive the notification under Notification Emails. If there are multiple emails, separate them with a comma e.g.,
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  2. Managing your billing account

  3. View Billing Transactions

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