Recording and Submitting Sales Via Echo Agent

Recording and Submitting Sales Via Echo Agent

If you would like to record sales for your products, you can do this via Echo Agent app.

First, ensure that your products and products serials that are out in the market have been created in the platform. If you need assistance in creating products and product serials, please feel free to reach out to 

Recording a Sale 

To Record a Sale via Echo Agent, do the following
  1. Open Echo Agent once it is installed on device
  2. Sign in using the user name and password you use for the web based platform.
  3. Click on Sale. This will prompt you to record the sale.
To add a product to the Sale, do the following:
  1. Click on ADD PRODUCT button at the bottom. A pop up will appear with the choice of inputting the product name and quantity. From the drop-down menu you will choose the product of the sale you want to add.
  2. After choosing the product, you will choose the number of products or quantity and click on ADD.
To add a serial to selected product during the sale, do the following:
  1. Click on the added product. You will get the option of scanning the serial number or adding it manually.
  2. You can add it manually by clicking on MANUAL. Enter the serial number and click on DONE.
  3. If you have several serial numbers to add for that product (depending on the quantity you added when adding the product), you can add them one by one and after adding one, click on ADD to add another serial number.
After adding the serial numbers, you can now add the details of the person who made the purchase of the product(s). To add a customer during the sale, do the following:
  1. Click on the respondent icon below the word Sale.
  2. Type the phone number and click OK.
Once you are done recording the sale, “Mark as complete” or click on the “tick” icon at the top.  It will then take you back to the home page where you selected the sale.
If you are unable to mark as complete, this is because you have not added the number of the buyer.

Submitting a Sale

Once you have recorded your sales, you can now sync these records to the platform.  To do this do the following:
  1. On home page you will now see a yellow circle with arrows in the top blue bar to the left of a tool icon 
  2. Click this circle and it will take you to a screen that says “Queue Surveys”. 
  3. Below it you will see two options. Click on the “$” sign to Queue sales.
  4. You can select the sale you wish to upload/sync and choose “Sync Queue”.  This will sync the sale for you. 
  5. When you now go back to the home screen you will see that the circle with arrows is no longer yellow, it is now just white because you have synced all the locally saved sales up to the server.
  6. You can also choose to archive synced media.To do this go to the settings button and click “Archived Synced”.  This will not remove the data from your phone/tablet, but it will hide it.  If you would alternatively like to clear the data from your phone/tablet go to settings, then click on “Clear Data”.  This will completely erase all local data saved on your device.

Sync Errors
If there is an error in syncing the status of the case will read “Status: Sync Error”. You can click the “i” button in the top panel of the screen to see what the error was.  It is most likely a problem of not having internet connection.  Once you go back to internet connection you can click on the case that was not synced then click on the circle made of arrows in the top right hand corner.

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