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            What’s the difference between the Activity Summary and the Daily Email Digests?

            Daily Email Digest

            This an email alert gives you a breakdown showing billable message counts sent directly to your inbox at the start of each day. The email breaks down billable communication by
            1. Type
            2. Name
            3. Channel
            4. Units
            5. Count
            6. Direction
            Counts vary by communication channel eg SMS sent, Voice seconds, USSD sessions or Field uploads. For example, the network operators consider messages sent by SMS that are longer than 160 characters to be multiple billable SMS.

            Would you like to turn off this email alert? Click here to read a detailed article on how to disable Daily Email digest emails

            Activity Summary

            The activity summary is a real-time summary of your organization's everyday activities. It gives you a count of the messages sent to and from the platform. It does not take into account the length of the message.

            For example for counts for Incoming and Outgoing messages, a text message is usually 160 characters in length. If you send out or receive a message longer than 160 characters is still considered as one message record. However when it comes to billing, you will be charged for more than message

            Activity is broken down by
            1. Outgoing Messages
            2. Survey Invites
            3. Survey Completes
            4. Notices Sent
            5. Inbox Messages
            6. Outbox Messages
            7. Contact Registrations
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