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            Opt-Out Unwanted Contacts

            As you interact with your contacts, clients or customers, a relationship would be established between your organization and the contact who will use your set communication channel or service to communicate with you and share feedback, comments, issues as well as complaints.

            Unfortunately,with providing a communication channel, you may interact with some contacts who would be driving unwanted traffic to your account.
            With such contacts you have the option of "blacklist" them from your contact groups.
            This will give you the option to block incoming interactions from selected contacts. You can opt-out the said contacts to no longer recieve communications from your organization and send communication to your organization.

            To blacklist or opt-out a contacts, do the following:
            1. From the Left hand menu, navigate to the Group which contains the contact you would like to opt out.
            2. Click on their name or phone number listed to access their profile
            3. On the Left side of the screen, scroll down on the Profile options listed and Click "More"
            4. Scroll down and select "Misc"
            5. Click on OPT OUT RESPONDENT

            Once this action is performed, it is irreversible and you will have to reach out to if you would wish to opt the contact back in to your account to receive communication.

            Contacts can also choose to unsubscribe or opt-out  from your service by sending the word "STOP" to your short-code

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