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            Change a User Level

            With User Levels, you can change or limit what a user can access using their account on your organization’s account. The user levels that are available on Echo platform are:
            • Account Admins have admin rights to the account on the Echo Mobile Platform as well as manage users and user roles within an organization's account. Account Admins will by default have the permission to read, edit, create, amend and delete all objects. 
            • Regular Users can read and edit items. Only Regular Users can have a role assigned to their account.
            • Modules Only Users only have access to specific modules and cannot access the core platform.
            • Agent(Only) Users only have access to the Echo Agent App therefore will not have any permissions to the web platform
            To change a user level, do the following:
            1. On the top navigation bar, click on your organization menu
            2. Click on Manage Users tab
            3. On the User List, hover your mouse pointer over the desired user’s email, to reveal the hidden icons.
            4. Click on edit_icon.png to edit the user account, the edit user page will open up.
            5. Click on Change User Level drop down menu to change what the user can have access to e.g you would like an existing user to only have access to Echo Agent; so just click on Agent(Only)
            6. Click on Update Account to save the changes

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            Updated: 16 Dec 2018 08:29 PM
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