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            Closing an Active Survey

            You can now close an active survey. This will provide you with an option to cancel a survey or take it offline if you wish to stop the survey.

            It is important to note that closing will expire all active invites to this survey. Any responses sent in once the survey is closed will not be tied to the survey. Fresh invites of the survey will have to be sent out for the respondents to participate in the survey once again and this might annoy your respondents.

            To close an active survey, do the following:
            1. From the Left hand menu, navigate to Projects
            2. Click on “All Projects” in the sub menu
            3. This will open up the Project List
            4. Navigate to the desired project folder of the survey you wish to close
            5. Click on the check box next to the survey you wish to close.
            6. This will enable icons on the menu bar.
            7. Click on the “Close” Icon survey close icon.png
            8. This will bring a prompt message. Click on “Close Survey” to close the survey and as indicated this will expire all active survey invites of the survey.
            9. If the affected survey is as part of setup e.g Survey was select as Registration Survey for a Group or has been tied to a Schedule. You will be prompted to remove or change these setups , you can now close the survey.
            10. This will affect contacts who are responding or yet to respond to the survey. Any responses sent it once the survey is closed will not be tied to the survey.
            11. This action will close the survey and the status of the survey will be marked as “Closed”
            12. To re-activate the closed survey, navigate to the desired survey and under the survey editor scroll to the bottom of the page and click on “Re-activate Survey”

            Updated: 25 Jun 2019 01:00 AM
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