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            Export out M-Pesa Payment Incentive Logs

            Echo Mobile supports M-PESA payments on Safaricom network in Kenya as incentives, you can be able to export out the usage statistics on your account in terms of payment reward amounts.
            The report generated will detail the Date, Contact, Direction, Amount, Billable, Currency, Status of the transactions made.
            As these payments made would be outgoing, the direction in the report would be "Out"

            To export out Contact Transactions, do the following:
            1. Click on Organizations Tab, a drop-down menu will appear then click on Report List
            2. Hover over “More Reports” at the top right corner
            3. Click on Contact Transactions
            4. Click on Start, enter your preferred date for the report.
            5. Click on End, enter your preferred date for the report.
            6. Click on Generate to export your report. The spreadsheet generated will contain all the communication sent out for that period.
            7. From the spreadsheet, you can filter the data by the directions as "Out"

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