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            Incentives and Coupons

            Including incentives to your coupons can help boost your marketing program or campaign as your customers can feel appreciated for their time, participation and the data they are providing to you. A respondent/ contact will only be rewarded with airtime incentive once the coupon code is successfully redeemed

            You can specify who you would like to reward with airtime incentive within the coupon creation/edit window. However note that this does not limit how many coupon recipients/redeemers can receive the airtime incentive once the coupon is redeemed.(depending on who you are rewarding).

            As incentive setups and pricing are country specific, please reach out to if you would like more information on setups, pricing and minimum transfer amounts

            To set up incentives on Coupons, do the following:
            1. Create or edit existing coupon
            2. Under settings, add in the airtime incentive for recipient of the code and/or redeemer of the code
            3. Set up how many times the coupon can be redeemed(Redemption Limit).
            4. Set up who can redeem the code (Recipient or Anyone).

            Recommendations for Using Coupons

            1. Send an email to and include your use case, the budget and estimated number of people you intend to reward.
            2. You can limit how many times a coupon is redeemed.
            3. To safeguard abuse of this incentive feature, you can limit how many times a coupon is redeemed.You can also tie the sending of the coupon code to a survey that you can then set a limit for how many people can complete the survey(coupon code can be the last question in the survey)
            4. Test incentive rewards with a small group of respondents before you launch your coupons

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