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            Incentives and Products

            Including incentives as part of your package of your products/consumer goods can help boost your sales as your respondents can feel appreciated for their time, participation and the data they are providing to you. A respondent/ contact will only be rewarded with airtime incentive once they successfully register a product serial.

            If you would like more information on how to set up a consumer good/product registration tool with your customers and the products that you have out in the market, please feel free to drop an email to, share your customer journey and we will be happy to assist you. 

            To set up incentives on products and product serials, do the following
            1. Create or edit a product
            2. Click on product advanced options in the product edit window,  type in an incentive.

            How Does This Work?

            When a customer buys your product, they can register the product by texting the serial code to your short code. If the serial code is valid and available, it is automatically registered and the customer is rewarded with an airtime incentive.

            As incentive setups and pricing are country specific, please reach out to if you would like more information on setups, pricing and minimum transfer amounts

            Recommendations for Using incentives on Products

            1. Send an email to and include your use case, the budget and estimated number of people you intend to reward
            2. As incentives are tied to product registration ensure that the serial codes that are out in the market are uploaded and existing in the platform
            3. Ensure your preferred registration setups is in place i.e Group Product Registration or Survey Product Registration.
            4. Test incentives with a small group of respondents before you launch a product

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            Updated: 02 Aug 2017 03:54 AM
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