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            Survey Question Logic Settings

            This feature also known as Skip Logic, allows a user to designate that a question be sent only to some respondents based on how they answer the previous question. 

            By completing logic settings in the following question, a user can indicate which response will trigger the next question. This logic can be set up for Numeric type questions, Open ended questions and Multiple choice/select questions.
            It is key when working with Skip Logic is to have a process flow or diagram that charts out your ideal customer journey and use case. Our Support Team remain at your disposal if you want to have more information on setting up skip logic. You can contact them on  ​or if enabled, use the chat box on each page of the Echo platform
            To set up Skip Logic on a question, do the following:
            1. From the Left hand menu, navigate to Projects
            2. Click on “All Projects” in the sub menu
            3. This will open up the Project List
            4. In the project folder, choose the ‘Survey’ option by clicking on “Create New” create new communication icon.png or select an existing survey from the list. You will be redirected to the Survey Window.
            5. Click on the edit button to on the  question you would like to edit or Click on Add Question Icon.png to start editing your first question. The Question Editor window will appear.
            6. Click on “Advanced Settings” and the advanced settings options will open up
            7. Under Logic Tab; on Ask if response to, select the desired previous question.
            8. Based on the selected Question response type set up the appropriate logic.
            9. Click on “Save Question” to update the settings.

            Skip Logic and Numeric Type Questions

            For Numeric type questions, the following types of skip logic criteria are supported
            1. Equal e.g. 100
            2. Greater than e.g. > 100
            3. Less than e.g. < 100
            4. Range of values e.g. 100 - 200

            Skip Logic & Open Ended questions

            For open ended questions, skip logic will match on lowercase or uppercase values of the skip logic criteria

            Skip Logic & Multiple Choice/Select questions

            Either the option character or option value of the response can be used to define skip logic
            1. For example: to match the choice "A) Land" either "A" or "Land" can be used.
            2. For example : A,C (Either option A or C)

            Skip Logic and NPS Questions

            Based on the scale you would have set up for your NPS question(either NPS scale of 0-10 or NPS scale of 0-5), you can apply skip logic criteria as desired.

            Let's take the NPS scale 0-10, this will put contacts' responses into three categories

            For example if you are planning to target Detractors with the scale of 0-10, you can set
            1. Less than 6 e.g <  6
            2. A range where both 0 and 6 are inclusive e.g 0 - 6

            For example if you are planning to target Promoters with the scale of 0-10, you can set
            1. Greater than 9  > 9
            2. A range where both 9 and 10 are inclusive e.g 9 - 10
            For example if you are planning to target Passives with the scale of 0-10, you can set
            1. A range where both 7 and 8 are inclusive e.g 7 - 8

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            Updated: 26 May 2019 05:50 PM
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