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            Getting Started with USSD Channel

            The Echo platform is a cloud-based software system that enables organizations to engage their most important stakeholders through scalable SMS, USSD, and voice communication.  The platform’s web interface generates actionable data and analytics from this engagement, empowering essential insights and decisions to help organizations succeed.

            You can employ one or a combination of these communication channels within the various engagements that you would create on the platform

            What is USSD and how does it work?

            USSD(Unstructured Supplementary Service Data) are codes in the format of *123*4567# for 7-digit-code USSD and *123# for 3-digit-code premium USSD. They allow for your end users to have instantaneous communication with your organization and a seamless user experience.
            USSD cannot be pushed to end-users phone as SMS or IVR. It must be triggered by the end-user.

            Using the USSD channel as a communication channel to engage with your user has benefits which are:
            • Faster back-and-forth experience
            • Ideal for menu-based communications and data collection
            • Supports confidentiality.  No data retained on phone
            • Supported by 100% of phones

            USSD service setups are country specific. Therefore for more information on USSD dial codes, pricing and set up options in your country, please feel free to drop us an email 

            With the various benefits of USSD, there also considerations that should be noted when choosing to use this channel. These considerations are:
            • Once a USSD code is raised, any individual on the network can instigate a USSD session with the code, and this session initiation itself counts as 1 billed session.
            • Use of USSD codes therefore present a vulnerability to organisations in that any individual, malicious or otherwise, could cause an unlimited amount of cost to the owner of the code
            • This limitation is inherent to the USSD technology and cannot be avoided. Organisations should note that any cost associated with the use of a USSD code (deliberate or not) mapped to their account on the Echo platform will be billed accordingly.

            Getting Started with USSD Channel

            The Echo Platform allows you to  invite multiple contacts(people) to dial a USSD code, in order to respond to your questions. On the Echo Platform, you can view responses in real time as your contacts text back their answers.

            You can get started on this by creating a communication which is either by creating a survey , creating a quiz or a creating a notice, choosing the channel as USSD and sending it out to your targeted set of Contacts. Once you send out  your messages to your contacts, you can now view/export responses regardless of the type of phone they have and where in the world they are.

            As you get started using the Echo Mobile platform and the USSD channel, please free to reach out to  and we will be happy to assist you!

            Updated: 19 Dec 2018 08:23 PM
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