Editing a Notice

Editing a Notice

Once you have created the notice you now edit it as desired. 

To edit a notice, do the following:
  1. From the Left hand menu, navigate to Folders
  2. Click on “All Folders” in the sub menu, this will open up the Folder List
  3. In a folder, choose the ‘Notice’ option by clicking on “Create New”  or select an existing notice from the list
  4. You will be redirected to the Notice Editor window. Any changes and setups configured under the Notice editor window will automatically be saved
  5. Under Name, add in the name of the notice. This will not be received by the respondents therefore the naming of the notice is for internal purposes.
  6. Under Notice text, edit the message that you intend to send out.  You are able capture more than 160 characters in a Notice.
    • 160 characters notice would fit in one SMS message in typical feature phone.

  7. Click on “Personalize” to personalize a message with either a standard field or custom field. For example, select the field to add to the text from the drop down list which would be [FIRST_NAME]. When the notice is sent out,  this field will be replaced by each recipient's first name. e.g “Dear John, kindly note …..”
  8. After entering your notice’s name and filling out the ‘Notice Text’ box with the information you wish to send out, click on ‘Save’.

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