Pin an Existing Dashboard to the Homepage

Pin an Existing Dashboard to the Homepage

If you would like switch out the stat boxes for a dashboard you have created, you can easily do this!

To pin a dashboard to the homepage, do the following:
  1. Go to the homepage
  2. Under “Today’s activity summary”, view the stat boxes
  3. Click on “Change”
  4. Under “Select the Dashboard”, select an existing dashboard.
  5. Dashboard is now pinned to the homepage.
  6. Once this you perform this switch, the change will automatically saved to your profile. So you and your team can have different dashboards across your own profile

What are Dashboards you ask? Dashboards allow you to see your most important visualizations in one view. You can add Net Promoter Score and Survey Performance gauges and charts to a dashboard. Read this article to learn how to create your first dashboard
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