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            Adding Questions to a Quiz

            Questions in a Quiz can define scoring, correct answers of each question, define marks / Points for Correct Answer and set up targeted messages on the same
            To add a question to a quiz, do the following:
            1. From the Left hand menu, navigate to Projects
            2. Click on “All Projects” in the sub menu
            3. This will open up the Project List.
            4. In a project folder, choose the ‘Quiz’ option by clicking on “Create New” create new communication icon.png or select an existing quiz from the list. You will be redirected to the Survey Window.
            5. Click on "Add Question" Add Question Icon.png 
            6. This will open up the Question Editor Window.
            7. Under Question ID, enter the ID of the question e.g. Q1.
            8. Next, enter the marks assigned to that question for the correct answer
            9. Under Question text, Enter the question text
            10. Enter the choices to give for that question. (Be sure to indicate the correct response by clicking on the radio button next to the correct choice)
            11. If you wish to send a response for each correct answer or wrong answer, edit the text fields
            12. Click  on "Save Question" to update the question. 

            Updated: 25 Jun 2019 01:07 AM
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