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            Creating a Quiz

            Communication can refer to a poll, sampling, series of subsequent messages or questions that you wish to conduct with a targeted group of contacts for a specific period of time. Quizzes allow you to educate and collect data through scored questions.

            For each question, you may also opt to send correct answer or wrong answer auto replies to the respondent, after each response. At the end of the quiz you may send the respondent the total marks scored.

            To create a Quiz, do the following:

            1. From the Left hand menu, navigate to Projects
            2. Click on “All Projects” in the sub menu
            3. This will open up the Project List
            4. In a project folder,choose the ‘Quiz’ option by clicking on “Create New” create new communication icon.png.
            5. You will be redirected to the Quiz Editor window.
            6. Any changes and setups configured under the survey editor window will automatically be saved.

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            Updated: 25 Jun 2019 01:01 AM
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