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            Daily Spending Limit Setting

            Use the Daily Spending Limit to control the total amount that can be spent in your account in one day.  

            The default Daily Spending Limit is set at KES 100,000 or USD 1,000. Once the Daily Spending Limit is reached, a communication freeze will be activated and no more messages can be sent on that day.  

            The Daily Spending Limit will refresh the next day to allow sending new messages.

            Old messages caught in the communication freeze can only be sent according to your settings in the Service Blocking Limit (see Service Blocking Limit section for more information).

            To set up the Daily Spending Limit, do the following:
            1. On the top navigation bar and then click on your organization menu
            2. Under the Settings tab, click on Daily Spending Limit and select the desired amount limit
            3. Click on Save to update the changes.
            Updated: 16 Dec 2018 08:29 PM
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