Exporting out Response Results for a Quiz

Exporting out Response Results for a Quiz

Quiz response results in Echo Mobile are analyzed and stored in real time. Results Report exported from the platform in an Excel Sheet format (.xls , .xlsx or .xlsform)
To export out Quiz Results, do the following:
  1. From the Left hand menu, navigate to Projects
  2. Click on “All Projects” in the sub menu
  3. This will open up the Project List.
  4. Open the project folder in which your quiz is contained, click on the desired quiz. This will open the Quiz Editor window.
  5. Click on “Export” on the top row
  6. Click on “Generate Report” to enable you to select your report options from the “Report options” window.

Report Options

Filter by a data range

You can choose to filter by specific date range (Date From and Date To) for the results you desire to export.

Include cases with no responses

"Include cases with no responses" (when checked) caters for contacts who were invited but never responded to any of the messages sent. They are identified in the report as contacts with an Invite date but no Start date.

Survey Report Headers

The survey report header columns will appear in the exported report. Add columns using the Survey Fields and Contact Fields below. Double click to remove a header, drag and drop to re-order.

Survey Fields

Survey fields are from the survey cases. Click to add the fields to the report header column.

Contact Fields

Contact fields are standard fields from the contact who took this survey. Click to add the fields to the report header column.

Once you have selected the desired date range, survey field and contact fields, click on the Generate Report button.  A background task will be started - you can track its progress in Notifications.

When the background task completes, click on the Download button to export the report and save the report in a known file location.

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