Upload, Generate and Send out Coupons

Upload, Generate and Send out Coupons

Upload Coupon Codes

If you already have a predefined list of codes, you can create an upload file will create coupon codes for a certain coupon and indicate the recipient of the coupon code
To upload do the following
  1. From the Left-hand menu, navigate to More
  2. Click on “Coupons”
  3. This will open the Coupons window
  4. Click on the desired coupon
  5. This will open the coupon list window
  6. Click on the additional options
  7. Select “Upload codes”
  8. On the pop-up window, click on “Download Sample Template”
  9. On the spreadsheet, you will add in the Code, Expiration date for the code and the Recipient phone number
  10. Once you have populated the spreadsheet with the codes, expiration date, and the recipient’s phone number, save it and upload it.
  11. Once the upload is complete, the codes will be updated together with the recipients.

Manually Generate Coupons

For organizations that are running a promotions and are working with an in-person approach where they would like their agents to hand out coupons upon having a conversation with a customer about their products.

To manually generate coupon codes , do the following:
  1. From the Left hand menu, navigate to "More"
  2. Click on “Coupons”
  3. On the Coupon list, click on the desired or targeted coupon
  4. On the coupon window, click on the additional menu and click on "Generate Codes"
  5. Under the Generate Codes dialog box, enter the desired number of codes you wish to generate. A maximum 20 codes can be generated at a time.
  6. Click on "Generate" to create the codes.
  7. These codes will now be populated under the list of generated codes under the Coupon

Automatically Generate and Send out Coupon Codes

For organizations that are running a promotions and would like their contacts to receive coupons once they complete a survey or through a notice, coupons codes can be generated on the fly.
To do this, you would include a coupon variable in outgoing messages. This would involve including the [COUPON:KEYWORD] variable (where KEYWORD is the name of the coupon you want to send), in a survey question text or notice text.

 For example: a notice could have a message that reads:

“Congratulations! You have won an Airtime Coupon worth KES 10. Please present your coupon number: [COUPON:STORESCOUPON] to one of our retailers to redeem.”

The message that will be received by the respondent when this notice is sent out is  is: 

“Congratulations! You have won an Airtime Coupon worth KES 10. Please present your coupon number: FBPNM to one of our retailers to redeem.”
Note: This coupons would automatically assign the contacts as the recipients of the code

  1. Creating a Coupon
  2. Editing Coupons
  3. Coupon Redemption
  4. Archiving Coupons
  5. Export Coupon Codes Report

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