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            Group Referral Settings

            This group setting feature allows registered respondents to register new respondents into the platform by simply sending an SMS containing the number of the respondent to the organization’s short code. 

            Enable or Disable Referrals

            For respondents to refer others by sending in their numbers, you have to allow for referrals in that particular respondent group.
            To enable or disable referrals, do the following:
            1. From the Left hand menu, navigate to Groups
            2. Click on the desired group in the sub menu
            3. Click on the Settings tab
            4. Under Settings, Click on "Referrals"
            5. If Referral is disabled, Enable referrers into same group or different one by selecting a group under the "Allow respondents in this group to refer (register) others into..." option.
            6. If you would like to disable referrals, you can de-select the group that has been setup
            7. Click on "Save Group Settings" to save the changes

            Referral Responses

            It is possible to customize the message the referrer receives when they attempt to refer other contacts into a group. You have the option to customize the following responses during referrals
            1. Referral Successful response - This is a message that is sent out when a contact successfully refers another contact into a group. This will occur when you send in a message that contains a valid phone number that does not exist in any of your groups to the shortcode. This is an acknowledgement of a successful referral.
            2. Referral contact exists response - This is sent out when a valid phone number is sent to the short-code, however, the contact already exists in a group in your account.
            3. Referral failed response - This response applies to Echo Mobile customers who use shared services (for instance 20788). If a contact refers a valid phone number that already exists in another organization's account, a message will be sent out informing the contact that their referral is already locked in another account

            For organizations that have accounts that use shared services i.e Shared SMS, USSD or IVR, contacts can only exist in one account at a time. A phone number cannot exist in more than one account that has a shared service mapped to it.
            Tip: You can personalize the message with the phone number of the referred contact using the syntax [REFEREE]

            Add Labels to Referred Contacts

            You can also apply referral labels. This feature  allows one to apply a label to a referral based on the property of the referrer. You can select a property of a referrer (Name, Phone Number, Location, Internal ID)
            To add labels to referred contacts, do the following:
            1. From the Left hand menu, navigate to Groups
            2. Click on the desired group in the sub menu
            3. Click on the Settings tab
            4. Under Settings, Click on "Referrals"
            5. When referral is enabled, under the "Add label to referred contact (optional), Generate label from referrer..." select the property of the referrer that you would like to apply as a label to a referee e.g Location
            6. You can choose to apply a label prefix as well. Once referral labels are set, labels should be applied to referee, based on referrer, upon referral into a group.
            7. Click on "Save Group Settings" to save the changes
            Tip: If you want the newly registered to refer others, ensure that their contacts are saved into the same group as those who referred them.

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