Add Questions to a Survey

Add Questions to a Survey

Questions in Survey may have various response types, ranging from multiple choice to numeric, open-ended and others.

Adding a New Question

To add a question to a survey, do the following:
  1. From the Left hand menu, navigate to Folders
  2. Click on “All Folders” in the sub menu, this will open up the Folder List
  3. In a folder, choose the ‘Survey’ option by clicking on “Create New”   or select an existing survey from the list. You will be redirected to the Survey Window.
  4. Click on "Add Question"  
  5. This will open up the Question Editor Window
  6. Enter a question ID . This is used internally as an identifier. The respondents will not see this information.
  7. Enter the question text. This will be the message that goes to the respondent.
  8. Enter the response type from the choices outlined below.
  9. Once the question has been saved, you will be redirected back to the survey window.
  10. You can add as many questions as you require, numbering them accordingly to how you would like the Survey to flow.

Personalize your question text

The Echo Platform allows users to personalize messages using  basic, common data points like name, ID and location, which can be stored in Echo contact profiles and can be integrated into question text.

You can also personalize a message with additional information aside from standard fields. Any prior response to a survey can be stored as a custom field.
If you ask recipients their favorite football team and store the response as a custom field, the next time you send them SMS you can personalize your content even further: “Hi [NAME]. We are conducting a survey for persons who live in [COUNTY] county….”
The above can be facilitated by clicking on the Personalize this message pop up that comes up when typing. By clicking on Personalize this message, you will be able to select from a list of available fields that you prefer to use.

Question Types & Responses

End Type Question 

 This is a type of question that does not require a response and marks the completion of a survey.
This response type works with SMS, IVR , USSD and Echo Agent

Multiple Choice Question

This response type allows you to create a multiple choice question, where respondents can only reply with one choice.
This response type works with SMS, IVR , USSD and Echo Agent

Open-Ended Question

 This type enables you to set a question that allows for an open ended response i. e the respondent is free to write phrases.
This response type works with SMS, IVR , USSD and Echo Agent

Numeric Question

This type of question allows for responses containing numeric information only. 
This response type works with SMS, IVR , USSD and Echo Agent

Ranking Question

This type of question allows respondents to give their feedback based on a certain scale. 
This response type works with Echo Agent ONLY

Multiple-Select Question

This type of question allows you to set a question where respondents choose from a list of choices and can respond with one or more choices from the list. 
  • This response type best works with Echo Agent.
  • If you do wish to use this response type with SMS,  you would have to explicitly instruct your contacts on how to respond.
  • You can do this be instructing your contacts to respond by either using "spaces"  e.g A B C or using "commas" e.g A,B,C or using and" e.g A and B and C. If they do not instruct their contacts on how to respond within those parameters the platform wont be able to interpret those response.

Time Question

This type of question allows for responses to be sent in time format. 
This response type works with SMS, IVR , USSD and Echo Agent

Date Question

 This type of question allows for responses to be sent in date format
  • This response type works with SMS, IVR , USSD and Echo Agent.
  • The Echo platform accepts all valid date formats e.g DD/MM/YYYY or DD-MM-YYYY e.t.c but stores the dates as YYYY-MM-DD.

Password Question

A type of question that locks a survey, and requires you to enter a password to access survey questions. 
  • This response type works with SMS, IVR , USSD and Echo Agent
  • This password would then linked to a contact's profile

Info Question

This is a type of question that gives information that does not require a response. 
This response type works with SMS, IVR , USSD and Echo Agent.

Net Promoter Question

 This is a type of question that would allow you to gather an NPS rating by responding with a numeric value. The NPS score will be rated based on scale of your choice. The response will then be evaluated on a scale and be categorized in terms of Promoters, Detractors and Passives.
  • Promoters are loyal customers who will likely to buy more of your products or services, remain long time customers and make more positive referrals that would fuel growth.
  • Passives are satisfied customers but could easily switch to a competitor if given the opportunity. They probably would not enthusiastic enough about your products or services to promote them.
  • Detractors are unhappy customers .They are customers who can damage your brand and impede growth through negative word-of-mouth.
  • This response type works with SMS, IVR , USSD and Echo Agent.
  • Once you have set your Net Promoter Score Range for the NPS question within your surveys and the surveys have been activated, you will be unable to switch to another range.

Geotag Question

Geo-location response type for a question is a feature that is only available within a survey using the Echo Agent channel on the Echo platform and is accessible across any country.
How does this work in Echo Agent?
Once you've downloaded the survey, you can choose your location by selecting "Goto My Location". A pin will be dropped on your location and you can proceed to confirm the same by clicking on "Choose"

Interested in learning more about our Echo Agent app? Echo Agent is an android application that syncs with the core Echo platform allowing agents in the field to conduct sales & data collection offline. This application can work well for field agents with smartphones or tablets and it makes data collection easy. You are able to store cases offline, upload photos, Geo-coordinates e.t.c. Click here to learn more
Can I still get my contact's location using another channel?
Yes, you can by using a custom fields or standard field!  As location information is considered as confidential information in most countries, you can use a survey to poll your contacts so that you may able to get them to consent to giving away this information to as well being able to collected the most up-to-date information directly from your contacts

Standard Geo-location Field
As your contacts respond to the survey, the platform will automatically pin a contact's location on a map based on their responses by storing their responses into the standard Geo-loaction field. Learn how to step your standard Geo-location fields to allow for location-based mapping by reading our detailed article

Custom Fields
Custom field not allow you to not only build your contact's profile data or personalize messages but also  allow you to perform location-based mapping. You can create various location types e.g County, District. Ward e.t.c as a custom field. Then within a survey; you can capture responses made to a particular question and store your contact's responses into the custom field. Learn how to step your custom fields to allow for location-Based Mapping by reading our detailed article

Do you have more questions? Feel free to reach out to us by dropping an email to

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