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            Assign Product Permissions to a Role

            Once you create a role, you will have to define the permissions to assign a user under each object. Objects in this case refers to key components that users interact with on the Echo Mobile platform. They are: Contact Groups, Projects and Products

            A product is a good or object that has been manufactured by an organization and passes through a distribution channel before being consumed or used.

            You can build or add in the products that your organization has into the platform through the Products Module. The Products feature allows you to create a new product on Echo and upload serial codes that are tied to it. A contact can therefore go ahead and register their product using the available options.

            The permissions available under this object are:
            1. Read only allows you to view listed products and their serials
            2. Create allows you to create a products and define its properties.
            3. Edit only allows you to make a few changes to the properties of a product
            4. Delete allows you to delete a product that had been created.

            Products and Product Serial Actions

            Create a Product

            Edit Product Settings

            Create or Add Product Serials

            Edit Product Serials

            Email Upload of Product Serials

            Export Product Serials

            1. When Edit permission is selected, Read is automatically applied
            2. When Create Permission is selected, Read and Edit are automatically applied
            3. When Delete Permission is selected, Read is automatically applied.
            4. To create a new product, you ought to have a create permission across all product available.

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            Updated: 21 Aug 2017 04:34 PM
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