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            Creating a User Role

            To get started on assigning roles and permission, create a role. Defining a role would allow the account admin to set a collection of permissions defined for the platform that can be assigned to specific users in specific contexts.

            To do so, follow the steps below:

            1. On the top navigation bar , click on your organization menu

            2. Click on “Roles”

            3. Under the Manage Roles, click on "Add Role"

            4. Under name, define the name of the role

            5. Next, select the permissions for that role in relation to different objects on the platform.

            6. Click on "Save" once you have made the desired selections

            Once you have created your role,  you will have to define the permissions to assign a user under each object. Objects in this case refers to key components that users interact with on the Echo Mobile platform. Currently the objects that one can apply permission to are Contact Groups, Projects and  Products

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            Updated: 21 May 2019 10:13 PM
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