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            Managing User Roles

            User Roles are a feature that can be used to control how and what people can access on the platform. This will primarily be managed by the Account Admin of a particular organisation who will define roles and assign them to different users . It is within these roles that permissions are defined for the users of the platform.

            To best setup the various roles that would meet your organization's needs, break down each user's functions according your communications and engagement plan prior to setting up a role. This would provide further insight into the structure that would be laid down for your users.

            If you have any questions and queries on how the user roles feature works, feel free to reach out to 

            How does User Roles affect User Levels?

            • Only Regular Users can have a role assigned to their account.
            • Account Admins will by default have the permission to read, edit, create, amend and delete all objects.
            • Echo Agent User only have access to the Echo Agent App therefore will not have any permissions to the web platform
            • Modules Only users only have access to specific modules and will not have any permissions to the core platform.
            The user level "Limited" will no longer be available when creating a new user

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            Updated: 21 Aug 2017 04:26 PM
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