Applying Custom Fields

Applying Custom Fields

Custom fields allow you to filter your data, do location-based mapping, compare results and personalize messages

Using Custom Fields with Location-Based Mapping

How does one link a contact to a Geo location?
  1. Create a custom location field for a particular geo-location e.g. County and the preferred Location Type.
  2. Create a survey and add in an open ended question asking your respondents to text the location they reside in:
  3. Under the Question Editor, click on advanced options and under Response Handling , select to store the response in the location field you just created:

4. Save the question, activate the survey and send it out to contacts.
5. Once the survey responses are received, go to the group which contains the contacts who participated in the survey
  1. From the Left hand menu, navigate to Groups
  2. Click on the desired group in the sub menu
  3. Click on the relevant group.
  4.  In the group menu, select "Map".
  5. Below is an example of how populated radar map would look like:

Using Custom Fields to Personalize Messages

Custom fields may be added as variables in any text message, whether a notice, survey or manual message to personalize it.

The Echo Mobile platform allows you to personalize messages using custom fields. This can be done in either of the following ways

Personalizing messages using custom fields updated during contact upload.

In some cases, you may have an existing list of contacts that includes more information on who they are to you than just their name and phone number. This can be anything ranging from the contact’s AGE, GENDER, their bank BRANCH_NAME etc.

The Echo platform  allows you to update this additional data during batch upload of contacts into a group. With the fields now existing on the contact’s profile, you can personalize the text of your surveys/ notices as seen below.

The above can be facilitated by clicking on the Personalize this message pop up that comes up when typing. By clicking on Personalize this message, you will be able to select from a list of available fields that you prefer to use.

 Personalizing messages using Responses to survey questions

The Echo platform allows to personalizing of messages on the fly or when you actively engage with your contacts through a survey. To personalize messages using responses to survey questions, you ought to first store the response in a field so that the same can be used in a later question(s) to personalize the message.

To store responses in a field,  navigate to the Advanced Settings of a Question, click on Response Handling tab. You will see the option Store Response As; select your preferred field as seen below.

With the above in place, you can proceed to personalize the later question(s) with the field as seen below.

Assuming that a contact responded by providing a rating of 8, the above message would read, “In a few words please let us know why you provided us with a rating of 8

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