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            What is the difference between a Custom Field and a Label?

            Custom fields and labels allow you to segment your contacts into your contacts groups by providing you with the option of capturing and storing additional data of the contacts

            What is a Custom Field?

            A custom field allows you to filter your data, do location-based mapping, compare results and personalize messages. A field is a container that stores information. Fields have two pieces of data which are the name of the field and its value, for example, the name of the field is GENDER and the value is FEMALE.

            A custom field can be used to hold long-term data of a contact. You can use this data to target or drill down to a specific set of contacts, for example, you would like to send out a notice to contacts with the name of a custom field COUNTY with its value as NAIROBI and contacts with the name of the field is GENDER and the value is FEMALE.

            You can also use custom fields to hold or store contact's response to survey questions

            Ready to Create a Custom Field? Navigate to fields and create your custom fields

            What is a Label?

            A label is a property/description that is added to contacts, with a direct and easy setup process. A label contains 1 piece of data which is the value for example label of PREMIUM CUSTOMER. Labels are used to hold descriptions or information for a short-term and can be easily removed.

            A contact in Echo Mobile can have up-to a maximum of 30 labels applied to them. Labels can be used for simple data collection and cannot be used to store contact's responses to survey questions

            Ready to Create Labels? Upload contacts into your contact groups and include the desired labels in the upload file

            Custom fields are more dynamic and volatile if you wish to segment your data. For example, if you would like to segment your contacts by counties in Kenya, you would have one custom field COUNTY to store values of the 47 counties in Kenya. Alternatively, if you use a label, you would have to create 47 labels to of each county name to segment contacts by Counties. As custom fields are user-defined they provide much more flexibility.

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